Preconception Peer Educators (PPE)

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In May 2007, the Office of Minority Health (OMH), of the Department of Health and Human Services launched “A Healthy Baby Begins with You” which is a national campaign to raise awareness about infant mortality with an emphasis on the African American community.

  • Their goal is to end health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities. 
  • As a result of this campaign the Preconception Peer Educators (PPE) were formed.
  • The goals of the PPE are;
    • Conduct one training in each campus/institution,
    • Recruitment of at least 10 new students per institution,
    • Conducting at high school/middle school outreach,
    • Quarterly reports,
    • Quarterly campus outreach events, and
    • Two community outreach events in coordination with organizations, community partners and health departments.

 In July of 2010 13 students from the University of South Florida with the guidance of the Interconception Care Coordinator attended PPE training in Tallahassee, Florida. The goals of the Preconception Peer Educators (PPE) Training are to reach the college-age population with targeted health messages emphasizing preconception health and healthcare, train college students as peer educators, and arm the peer educators with materials, activities and exercises to train their peers in college and in the community at large.

FAMU Group with USF

FAMU Group with USF

by Michael Morgan | 17 Jan, 2017