Central Hillsborough Healthy Start

Since 1998, Central Hillsborough Healthy Start has worked in East Tampa to increase the number of babies who live to celebrate their first birthday. With dedicated work from our staff and the collaboration of our community partners, we have reduced the number of babies dying in this area from 19 for every 1,000 babies born to 8 per 1,000.But this is still too many! It is our goal to reduce that rate to zero, so that every family in East Tampa area gets to celebrate the first birthday of their healthy, happy baby.
How Does Central Hillsborough Healthy Start Work?
Prenatal care providers in Florida are required by law to offer ALL pregnant women a Healthy Start Risk Screen. If the screen shows that a patient is at risk for having a baby born too soon, and that patient lives in East Tampa, she is referred to Central Hillsborough Healthy Start (CHHS).A pregnant woman can be screened and referred to Healthy start anytime during her pregnancy or until her infant is two years-old. If her provider does not offer this,she should ask to be screened and referred to Healthy Start.
What Services Does Central Hillsborough Healthy Start Provide?
CHHS services are provided by a friendly team specially trained in pregnancy,child birth and baby care. They can help you and your family in the privacy of your home or in a convenient community
• Nurses
• Case Managers
• Mental Health Professionals
• Health Educators
• Doulas
• Community Outreach Workers
• Male Involvement/Fatherhood Support

Who is Eligible for Services?
This project focuses on pregnant women,new mothers and women between pregnancies who live within East Tampa. Any pregnant woman or new mother with an infant up to two-years old living in this area can receive Healthy Start services. Zip code areas served by Central Hillsborough Healthy Start include: 336023360333605 and 33610