Affirming Fatherhood Conference

AFC 2017

The 2017 Conference will focus on supporting, encouraging, inspiring and providing resources to fathers and father-figures, and those of us who work with them, who are parenting in situations that are not “behind the picket fence” with a mom at home, a dad at work, and no serious issues affecting the way that parenting takes place. The impact of divorce; remarriage; disability; adoption; fostering; substance abuse; incarceration; sexual identity, and the like on fathering is widespread.

 Local, regional and national speakers and professionals will help the men, women, service providers, faith and community leaders and other stakeholders address “x-treme fathering” in an accurate, sensitive and insightful fashion. Three tracks will be available:

  • The Provider Track will bring together persons who formally, as well as informally, provide male involvement/fatherhood services.  The Track will focus on strategies for helping fathers and father -figures address their own “parent wounds” and unhealthy pasts and assisting them in moving toward greater involvement in their child(ren)’s lives.
  • The Faith Leader Track will focus on those persons who work with men, fathers and father-figures as part of their leadership in their faith traditions.  Special emphasis will be placed on the profound opportunities of faith leaders to help fathers and father-figures parent in a rapidly changing culture. 
  • The Male Leadership Track is specifically designed for men.  It is crafted to impart vision, skill development and inspiration so that men may become effective leaders of themselves, their families and their communities.  
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