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Its A Family Affair 2017

Healthfair2017red It’s that time again! REACHUP, Inc. is hosting its 10th annual health and resource fair, “It’s A Family Affair,” on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017, from 10am - 2pm, at the Children’s Board of Hillsborough located 1002 E. Palm Ave. Tampa, FL 33605. We invite you to join us as we focus on creating opportunities for optimal health in the Tampa Bay Region.

Our focus is to reach the entire family which lends support to REACHUP’s adoption of the Life Course Perspective as a guiding principle.  The Life Course Perspective recognizes the relationship between childhood and adolescent experiences and later experiences in adulthood.  A major focus relates to the impact of early-life experiences on shaping adult health, particularly adult chronic disease and its risk factors and consequences.

We will provide educational, life enrichment, family support and health-related information, as well as basic health screenings.  Vendors from a variety of public health and other organizations will be represented at this event.

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