Black Infant Health Practice Initiative

What is BIHIPI?
In 2007, the Legislature passed and Governor Charlie Crist signed House Bill 1269, creating the Black Infant Health Practice Initiative (BIHPI), a statewide practice collaborative to address the issue of racial disparity in infant deaths in Florida. The purpose of this legislation is to determine the medical and social factors contributing to the elevated rates of death among Black infants in Florida and to develop community-based strategies and recommend policy changes at the local and state level to address the disparity.

Mission Statement:
To eliminate health disparities in black infant deaths in Florida

Letter from Governor Charlie Crist
HB 1269
Rule 64F-21.001
State Map of Participating Counties
Miami-Dade county MCH Health Problems Analysis

BIHPI White Paper
Maternal and Child Health Indicators 2005-2006
BIHPI PPOR Survey Results
BIHPI Final Report
BIHPI Community Story
State of Mothers and Infants

BIHPI Literature Review
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