Core Values and Guiding Principles

We Value:

Accountability: Assurance of responsible stewardship of organizational resources and assets.                 
Collaboration: Internal and external collaborative relationships and activities.
Community Leadership & Engagement: Community leadership and participation in defining and achieving organizational   goals.
Diversity: The welcoming of the diversity of opinions, backgrounds, perspectives and approaches.
Education: The sharing of knowledge that fosters growth and development for the benefit of community.
Excellence: High quality practice and customer service.
Innovation: Thriving on creativity and ingenuity in leading the way to a new and better future.
Integrity: Commitment to the highest standards of honesty, fairness and professional and scholarly conduct.
Respect: The dignity of individuals with whom we collaborate.
Social Justice: Creating social and health equity with compassion for all by making organizational resources available.

We Believe:
• Good health is essential to a quality life and all people should have access to quality and affordable health services.
• Communities have the capacity and willingness to support and strengthen families in raising competent and caring children.
• Families have the inherent and learned strengths and abilities to love, nurture, and protect.
• Childbirth and childrearing are opportunities for positively influencing the health and well-being of families, particularly mothers and infants.
• Equitable opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurialism are as essential to optimal health of families and communities; as equitable access to quality and comprehensive healthcare.
• Our priorities for investments for health and healthcare must be based on the best scientific evidence.